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The History & Benefits of Light Therapy

Ancient Egypt : Using sunlight and a plant called ‘Ammimajus’ to treat leukoplakia.

In 1899, a Denmark doctor N. Finsen treated skin tuberculosis by UV. He won the first Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

The Benefits of Light Therapy

Increases sterilization of blood

Regularly increases white blood cells

Increases body temperature, changes toxic diphtheria to nontoxic form

Increases Calcium level in blood

Increases Vitamin D: Vitamin D has an effect of preventing cancer

Light Irradiates with Different Wavelengths

R630 is the visible wavelength inside the spectrum of light, which is close to the colour RED.



Different colour of light irradiates with different wavelengths.

Light is visible between wavelength 380nm to 780nm.

R630 is a red light, it has therapeutic effect to the skin.

The Irradiation Effect of R630

R630 is able to stimulate the proliferation of fibroblast cells in dermis.

Enable the production of collagen; the protein responsible for skin’s firmness, it also increases elasticity and hydration of the skin, helping with healing lesions and scars.

R630 encapsulates melanin cells, toning and brightening the skin.

R630 Collagen Light Machine

German Technology



The Effect of Light Therapy for Whitening

The level of collagen increased after irradiating lights in the tissue (a. before, b. after).

Irradiation of R630nm light

Accelerate collagen production

Skin regeneration

Recovering damaged skin

Reduce wrinkles

Encapsulate melanin cell, make it weaker & smaller

Before R630 Irradiation

Less Collagen

Less Elastin

After R630 Irradiation

R630 energizes cell to boost collagen production.

Improved elasticity.

Encapsulate melanin cell, reduce dark spot, toning and brighten the skin.

Effect of Increased Level of ATP

Accelerate cell rejuvenation

Boost collagen production

Improve elastin recovery

Increase hydration level

Encapsulate melanin cell

Reduce wrinkle

Reduce dark spot

Brighten your skin



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