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  • Dalton Extreme Lift Marine Filler Mask


    The Dalton Extreme Lift Marine Filler Lifting Mask with immediate anti-wrinkle action contains minerals and trace elements from the depths of the sea that have a regenerating and smoothing effect on the skin’s structure.

  • Dalton Jordan Dead Sea Salt Cream Mask


    Antipruritic, soothing Cream Mask with original Dead Sea salt. Fragrance-free. Alleviates the symptoms of skin prone to eczema, psoriasis and irritations.

  • Dalton Magical Effect Beauty Mask


    The beauty mask refreshes the skin and improves its metabolism. Its balancing ingredient, witch hazel, clears the skin and provides for an immediate firming effect. Natural minerals and trace elements from the sea help to speed up the skin’s metabolism, improve elasticity and supply the skin with the nutrients it needs.

  • Dalton Oyster Skin Balance Mask


    The oyster mask clears large-pored skin and combination skin and prevents the appearance of blemishes and inflammations. Its special texture supplies the skin with plenty of moisture and nourishing minerals from the sea.

  • Dalton Q10 Cell Energy Mask


    The refreshing cream mask provides tired and dry skin with ample energy and nourishing care. After the application, even the deeper layers of the skin are supplied with valuable lipids and moisture reservoirs are replenished. For noticeably suppler and softer skin and a fresh, rosy complexion.