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Our Brand Story

In recent years, the prevalence of skin whitening products has increased tremendously especially among Asian women. However, not many women really understand the origin or as we call it the secret solution of skin whitening. Most of us love the flawless skin that Koreans possess; we often look for products that can give us the same radiant glow. Most products presently available in the market, like medication or injections seem to deliver unsatisfying results. On top of that, these procedures could have harmful long-term effects on your skin and health in general.

After thorough research by our experts, we are proud to present Suaviss Lab White, the first total body whitening solution that delivers the best whitening program complemented by organic skincare products. The technology behind is the first of its kind in the world to provide such a whitening service.

Believe it to not, the idea of Suaviss Lab White came from tanning salons in Korea with the mindset that if there is a place where people can get a tan, there should be one where they can achieve a lighter complexion as well. I know some of you have tried topical and oral solutions to whiten your skin but it takes months or years to see results. If you’re tired of these cycles, why not add something promising to your skin care regimen. For those who wish to whiten their skin with proven and lasting results, Suaviss Lab White is here to help you achieve a visibly whiter glow once you experience our whitening salon.


The first Suaviss Lab White salon opens in Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur


Suaviss Lab White opens in Penang


Suaviss Lab White opens in Ipoh

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Penang, Malaysia
Ipoh, Malaysia
South Korea



What our customers are saying:

Great service. The therapist talked me through the process and gave me good recommendation for my skin.

I enjoyed the facial very much. My face was congested and the treatment cleaned it all out. Must Try.