Suaviss cosmetics, Suaviss Lab White to launch new K Beauty market

Natural cosmetics SUAVISS has just emerged as a leader in K Beauty, and has received a lot of attention and attention in the global beauty market with its skin care system called Suaviss Lab White.

According to the description, the Suaviss Lab White is a comprehensive skin care system that includes whitening and brightening repairing, which allows a variety of cosmetics from SUAVISS to react with collagen light, It makes it bright and clean. COSMEDICO's 630nm wavelength lamp (R-630) from Germany and BASF's leading raw materials are the result of an innovative skin care program that has been completed with the latest technology from well-made international to be.

This program is a skin care system developed by Well-Made International Co., Ltd., which has been recognized as a cosmetics company by Suavevision, and is gaining attention. It has proven its technology by acquiring BM world patent as "skin whitening care service delivery method".

With interest in whitening and brightening all over Asia, the company has entered the global market, starting with Manila in the Philippines, and currently has two Thai and Malaysian stores operating successfully. It will be expanded to Europe, North and South America as well as Asia market. It is scheduled to open stores in Shenzhen and Sri Lanka in the near future.

By Chang Young Shin |NewsBrite.net