Bright Now

The long road to glowing white skin was never easy—emphasis on the word “was.” Because thanks to Sauviss Lab White—the world’s first whitening salon—they have finally launched their store in Taguig and they are the light that gives much-awaited hope to those who have taken the grueling path of skin whitening and have failed; Suaviss Lab White is truly a dream-come-true for those who are looking for the right way to achieve whiter, younger-looking skin.

Believe it or not, Suaviss Lab White came from the concept of tanning salons in Korea. The idea: If they can establish a place where men and women can get a tan, then they can definitely set up a spot where they can achieve lighter complexion. With this, Suaviss Lab White focused on scientific research and produced a highly effective, non-invasive four-step Specialized Whitening Program:


The salon removes dead skin cells with natural ingredients and minimized, non-irritating scrub particles to improve skin tone and texture, plus to increase the absorption of cosmetics.


They apply a thin amount of ointment evenly on the skin that produces strong whitening and moisturizing effects.


Flashback to Ancient Egypt, light therapy was used in traditional medicine and skin treatment all over the world. Through modern medicine, this Korean whitening salon was able to revive the method with Suaviss’ R-630(K) Collagen Light Technology. Mounted with 43 lamps from Germany that produces one 630nm wavelength, the R-630(K) Collagen Light has the same effect of two hours worth of sunlight with only 10 minutes of irradiation. This equipment is made to heighten the level of collagen and cell activation, which have been proven to whiten and tighten the skin, while keeping it away from wrinkles and other signs of aging.

P.S. Don’t be intimidated by this life-sized equipment. It’s a bright pink party inside where you can even take selfies or post Snapchat videos while you’re in it.


The whitening lab finishes the program with another coating of ointment to boost the whitening effect, weaken melanin cells, and provide long-term skin protection.


Aside from the program, Suaviss Lab White keeps your options wide and bright as they offer whitening and anti-aging products that veer you away from traditional whitening treats packed with chemicals and other harsh ingredients. The whitening salon takes pride in their whitening arsenal made of 95 percent natural and five percent functional ingredients formulated in Germany. The best part is, their products are safe even for pregnant women. Halleluiah for all expecting moms!

Meet the Suaviss squad to perfect and protect your lighter skin tone. It features a Balancing Toner made for neutral and oily skin to remove fine skin waste, smoothen skin texture, and provide a generous amount of moisture. Those with oily skin will also love the Balancing Moisturizer, as it is formulated to balance oil and moisture. Need a little lift? The Power Lifting Essence makes your skin feel #blessed, as it showers elasticity to prevent wrinkles and other hints of old age. Real talk: Make 2016 a year of bold, better, and brightest choices. This includes the way you treat your skin. Just think of Suaviss Lab White as your favorite hair salon or spa, but in this case, it’s your skin’s go-to for a dose of instant, healthy, and glowing white skin.

By Metro Working Mom